No 2, 2013

Publishing Date: 2013-11-25


Kolupaev V.E. Broadcast of ideas in the Russian Imperial ideology and geopolitics (1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan)

The idea of empire broadcasting that came into the state ideology originates from the time of the Baptism of Kievan Rus' and going through some changes in the Moscow period it blooms in the imperial rule. Russia's eastern policy based on the Byzantine heritage that is relied on the ideological and geopolitical understanding of the development of the intellectual heritage of European theories coming from Constantine the Great and pledged their state-Christian foundation of the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, interwoven with the trends coming from the Asian world form Russia. This article is devoted to the analysis of these historical vectors.

Venediktov V.Y. Catholic proselytism on the territories of Constantinople Patriarchy in the second half of the 19th century (the case of the Greek-Bulgarian church contradictions

The author of the article analyzes the church conflicts between Greeks and Bulgarians in the second half of the 19th century. We can see a very sad picture how the two antagonistic orthodox communities of Constantinople Patriarchy separate from each other. The author bases on the documents from the Russian State Library Fund of Manuscripts and Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire. The church conflict ended with schism of 1872 and gave stimulus for Catholic proselytism.

Levin Y.A. Indiana's number one enemy: the evolution of the image of John Dillinger in the U.S. press coverage in 1933

John Dillinger (1903-1934 years), a famous American criminal and bank robber of the times of the Great Depression (1929-1939 years), "The Public Enemy number one" Dillinger became a symbol of his time, and his annihilation was one of the first major operations of the FBI which was still growing in strength. Over time Dillinger gained a glory of a public hero of the United States, kind of a "Robin Hood of the Great Depression". This article focuses on the initial stage of the formation and transformation of his image in the U.S. press. The article uses the materials of the central and local press.

Malugin S.B. Review on “Reich of the black sun. Nazi secret weapons & the cold war allied legend” by Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph Farrell thinks that during World War II Nazi Germany has created and successfully tested, and could have even used the plutonium bomb in a combat situation. Also it is likely that German scientists managed to make a significant step towards the creation – if not the testing – of a bomb constructed by a method of accelerated division, a bomb that has a small critical mass and a great devastating effect. This statement, however radical it may seem, in author’s opinion, can resolve many inconsistencies and contradictions in political and strategic history of the war.


Mukhametov R.S. Specific features of the conflict between elites in the Sverdlovsk Region

The Sverdlovsk region is characterized by the difficult and controversial political processes, which require constant monitoring by the scientists. Empirical data collected by the author has let him to analyse the political conflict between Eduard Rossel and Arkadiy Chernetskiy. Much attention is paid to the reasons of the conflict. The author believes that the main causes of confrontation were the personal factor and the struggle for urban revenues. The conflict between E. Rossel and A. Chernetskiy caused the struggle between the parties of the Sverdlovsk region. The author came to a conclusion that a conflict between “city” and “region” has played out completely.

Pavliuk O.I. The American approach to the solution of Iranian nuclear potential problem

The possible vectors of cooperation with Iran concerning its nuclear weapons accumulation is analyzed in this article. The author considers the main scenarios of the international relations under conditions of sanctions and other coercive measures ineffectiveness in stopping Iran’s nuclear program. The study examines the foreign policy of Barack Obama according to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and American experts’ main approaches to settle escalating nuclear capability of IRI problem.

Bostan S.I. Peculiarities of foreign policy of Ukraine: European Integration or Accession with Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia

Geopolitical location of Ukraine on the map of Europe gave the country a number of benefits, as well as serious problems with which it is trying to understand and use as their advantage. The country, its government has a hard choice: to define their own place in Europe and the world. In general, European integration or accession to the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, choice of Eurasian movement or the Western European traditions. The way out of the difficult domestic political situation in the country, raise of economy depend on the foreign policy of the country and the choice of integration model for its further development.

Zubchenko S.O. Political and humanitarian mechanisms of international settlement of the conflict in Syria

The article deals with some aspects of the Syrian conflict and its impact on security in regional and global context. It defines problematic factors that contribute an escalation of tensions, hinder the implementation of political initiatives to end the fighting in Syria and have negative influence on the overall situation in SAR. Humanitarian diplomatic mechanisms for creating an auspicious environment for peaceful settlement of the conflict are offered in accordance with international law.


Melkov A.S. Cyrillo-Methodian Studies in scientific works of archpriest Alexander Gorsky

The article is devoted to the 1150th anniversary of Slavonic writing language and culture. The work analyses scientific researches of archpriest A. Gorsky  (1812-1875) in main problems of Cyrillo-Methodian Studies. Gorsky made a great contribution in solving key problems, connected with the biographies, church honouring, and homiletic glorifying of the Slavonic enlighteners. The results of the researches, made by Gorsky in the middle of the 19th century are actual our days. Accumulated and systematized material opens wide prospects for further Cyrillo-Methodian Studies by modern generation of Slavonic scholars.

Nikolsky E.V. Kingship of Christ as a manifestation of His Divinity

The article considers the Royal dignity of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is noted that the kingship of Christ stems mostly from His Divinity but not from humanity. As one of the descendants of the prophet David He had no difference from other representatives of the impoverished Jewish aristocracy. With a high degree of conditionality one can say that the humanly cherished Royal dignity of the Savior served as the Foundation for His divine kingship. Finally, on the basis of certificates of the Old and New Testament and the Holy fathers, the author comes to the conclusion that the importance of such properties of the God-man is His kingship.

Kyyak M.T. Roman Catholic Church and media in information age

Roman Catholic Church in the modern information age extensively exploits opportunities of traditional and new media. It has always been trying to be a dynamic and successive participant in the global information space. However, the media has become not only the most important attribute of the information society but also one of the most valuable instruments of religious authority.

Leonova O.G. The role of the Church in civil society

The article reveals the materials of an international workshop on religious institutions in civil society, their support of humanitarian activities. The problems of mutual influence of religious institutions on political climate have been thoroughly discussed in the article. 


Dolgorukova N.M. Birds, Messages and Messengers in the Lais of Marie de France: “Matière de Bretagne” and/or Troubadour Lyrics

The article presents the three of Marie de France’s lais in which birds, messages and messengers play an important role. The influence of “Matière de Bretagne” over these lais is obvious. However, troubadours’ lyrics have an influence on Marie de France’s Lais as much as “Matière de Bretagne”. Very often themes from “Matière de Bretagne” and themes from Occitan poetry overlap each other forming a bizarre fusion in her lais.

Sukhareva S.V. Gender interpretation of scripture in Stanislaw Orzechowski-Rusyn's works

The article deals with one of the unexplored aspects of Stanislaw Orzechowski’s creation - his views on celibacy and gender issues. Biographic facts of writer and special measuring of his national identity are taken into account, which in the framework of the Ukrainian-Polish cultural influences acquires features of the Sarmatian theory. The main dominants of writer’s creations are identified.

Burygina Т.S. Archibald Joseph Cronin and Russian literature

The article is devoted to the influence of Russian classic literature on literary works of Archibald Joseph Cronin, an English novelist of the 20th century, a representative of critical realism. The article shows how the autobiographical matter is reflected in the writer’s novels – as Cronin himself his fictional characters (mostly positive ones) are interested in Russian classics. Devoting to Russian classics is an important characterizing detail. Profoundly humanistic and spiritual Russian literature affects lives and acts of protagonists.

Varakina E.R. The "family thought" and the place of Christian motives in the novel “Tyotya Motya” by M. Kucherskaya

The article analyses philosophy of a family recorded in the novel “Tyotya Motya” written by M. Kucherskaya in comparison with the "family thought" of the novel “Anna Karenina” written by Leo Tolstoy. The given analysis of “Tyotya Motya” shows that the main character’s idea of love and family is tested with the family behavior of religious supporting characters. Also some break points in her family life are shown as the main character’s encounter with God.  

Kuznetsova I.V. The research problem solving on the pragmatic operational stage of researcher’s competences formation (on the example of a lesson of extracurricular reading of works written by T. Tolstaya “Black leaf” and E. Dolgopyat “Two plots in the genre of melodrama”)

The article considers on the experience of research problems’ solving on the lessons of extracurricular reading. Such type of a lesson as a guided discovery is taken into account. The author pays attention on the fact that extracurricular reading promotes the development of such competence as searching activity of pupils. Extracurricular reading as opposed to an ordinary lesson assumes more freedom of creativity both of a teacher and pupils. The author makes a serious job creating a structurally functional model of research competence formation in teenagers at the lessons of extracurricular reading. The attention is turned to the necessity of a changing role of a teacher in a process of teaching Literature both at the lessons and at home.


Lutovinov V.I. Current Russian patriotism: matter, features, main directions

The article considers understanding and the main point of patriotism as one of high cultural values. The main approaches that reveal different sides of this phenomenon, its role and importance in a history of Russia in the 21st century are inferred from the analysis of viewpoints of Russian thinkers and contemporary researchers. The patriotism formation problems in Russian society and their condition are defined, the need of patriotic level rise as one of the conditions for great Russia rebirth is substantiated.

Pilyugina E.V. Education in social postmodern: trendts and prospects

The article analyzes the state of education in social postmodernity through the prism of post-modern philosophy; identifies the key characteristics of modern education: inflation information, disparity of information and knowledge, education and reality, the collapse of the fragments, instrumentalisation, operationalization and simulation of education.

Khomeriki O.А. Sociocultural specificity of establishing the educational system in Ukraine

This article presents sociocultural aspects of development of the educational system in Ukraine. The article analyses the particular qualities of the Ukrainian mentality that underlie the educational tradition. It is noted that particular striving for moral perfection on the basis of a unity between the mind and the faith is one of the determinants of the ideological features. It used to characterize the Old Russian and later the Ukrainian mentality and had a strong influence on the formation of educational process.

Chupriy L.V. Religious component of the national security policy of the Ukrainian state in the humanitarian field

The article considers the religious component of national security policy in the humanitarian sphere. Investigated the importance of religious organizations as a factor of national security, which promotes the protection of religious rights and freedoms of citizens, ensure the harmonization of the spiritual life of Ukrainians, which is an important prerequisite for the consolidation of society.