No 1, 2023

Publishing Date: 2023-04-25


Fedchenko O.D. Etruscans and Rome: the Celtic trail on the Apennines

The article deals with the etymology of toponyms “Rome”, “Italy” and Etruscan toponyms. The author concludes that the modern toponymic model of Rome, its environs and the Etruscan region were formed in the Celtic-speaking environment. The meanings of toponyms reflect the geographical features of the area and the architectural features of fortified cities. The results of the study allow us to take a fresh look at the migration processes of the pre-Roman era on the Apennine Peninsula.

Hommyyev T.B. Traps and snares used in Turkmen hunting

Among the Turkmen villagers, there have been stories about the making of ancient models of traps and snares used in hunting. The origins of various traps used in hunting go back thousands of years. The Turkmens hunting tools were made of wood, bone, yarn, pieces of cloth and similar simple things. The presence of unique types of traps means the perfection of folk practices. One of the Turkmens hunting tools are snares and various kinds of traps, which are rarely made today. Catching birds with the help of “surge”, “chara” and “hepbik” are stored in people’s memory. The tradition of hunting with traps has also become a thing of past. Simple hunting tools and cages indicate that the ancient Turkmens had accumulated a wealth of experience and had a whole arsenal of various tools used in hunting.

Usmanov E.M. On the question of the identity between the Sarkel fortress and the chronicle Belaya Vezha and “grad”

The article studies the question of the Khazar fortress Sarkel, known from Byzantine written sources, correspondence to the chronicle “grad” and the White Vezha. The texts of medieval written sources, which may be relevant to the raised problem, have been studied and analysed. The hypothesis of the Sarkel fortress and the chronicle “grad” identity is proposed. At the same time, Belaya Vezha is considered as an important fortification object like a tower, a palace on the “Grad” territory.

Pulkin M.V. The struggle for compromise: Timofey Andreev about the old believers, the Church and the state (the second half of the 18th century)

The article deals with the main problems of the Old Believer mentors’ polemics on the most complex and fundamental issues related to the relationship with the parish clergy and state authorities. Opposite points of view aroused during the discussion of this problem. On the one hand, there were calls for a tough confrontation with the “non-peaceful world”. A conflict with a clear inequality of forces could lead to the destruction of Old Believer settlements and severe repression. On the other hand, Old Believers’ publicists spoke in favour of a reasonable compromise, maintaining vital contacts with supporters of Patriarch Nikon’s reforms. A special role in the intense controversy that flared up belonged to Timofey Andreev, a well-known Old Believer publicist, who insisted on maintaining stable relations with Russian society, which accepted the Nikon reforms, and on voluntary registration in the relevant state accounting documents. The essence of his ideas lies in the struggle for a compromise between the Old Believer communities and the outside world that has accepted the power of the Antichrist.

Badanov V.G. Organization of territorial medical care in Vologda province (the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries)

The article examines the activities territorial institutions (zemstvo) of the Vologda province for the development of rural medicine and creation of medical. The author studies the territorial doctors’ regulation, their education, material support and housing. The situation of territorial doctors, their education, material support, housing is being investigated. The role of district feldshers in the system of territorial-medical organization is being studied; the level of training in the Vologda provincial feldsher school is shown. The territorial institutions laid the foundation of the subsequent medicine development, defined the main directions and further solution ways of public healthcare problems for many decades ahead.

Leonov D.E. Socio-demographic characteristics of Uglich and Uglich uyezd monasteries inhabitants in the early 20th century

The article studied the inhabitants’ contingent of Uglich and Uglich Uyezd Orthodox monasteries in the early 20th century, based on the materials of the annual monastic reports from the collection of the State Archive of the Yaroslavl region. The characteristic of the education level of monastics and novices, their age, social origin is given. The use of sources over various years allowed us to trace the movement of the monasteries contingent inhabitants in dynamics. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were five monasteries in Uglich and its Uyezd: two nunneries and three friaries. The number of monks and novices in the two nunneries was twice as large as the total number of inhabitants of the friaries. Both nunneries and friaries were dominated by people from the peasant class. According to the level of education, the inhabitants were closer to the common people than to the parish clergy.


Gerashchenko I.G., Gerashchenko N.V. The specificity of modern patriotic education in Russia

The paper analyses the specificity of modern patriotic education in Russia in the information society conditions. The patriotic education is shown in the context of globalism challenges. The necessity of a systematic approach to patriotic education is substantiated. Such aspects as military-patriotic, heroic-patriotic, spiritual-patriotic, ecological-patriotic, civil-patriotic, historical-local and sports-patriotic education are analysed.


Azis Setyagama, I Gusti Ayu Putri Kartika, M. Sulthon. Status of government regulations in lieu of laws in Indonesian state administration system

The position of government regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) in the state administration system is regulated in Article 22 paragraph (1) of 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. In cases of compelling urgency, the President has the right to issue such regulation in lieu of law. This study uses normative legal research that analyses the provisions contained in the Indonesian Constitution, in which the President is constitutionally given the right to issue Government Regulations in Lieu of Laws in an emergency or critical conditions in order to resolve urgent issues quickly so as not to endanger the safety of the state. In order to comply with the principles of democracy, after the enactment of a Government Regulation in Lieu of Law within a period of one year, it must obtain the approval of the People’s Representative Council by making it a law; otherwise, the Perppu must be revoked.

Christensen C.S. The universal welfare model in Denmark: the origin, development and the future

The Scandinavian welfare model is a political economic model which, among other things, Denmark other Nordic countries, like Sweden and Norway, developed after the end of World War II. The basic principles behind this model imply that all citizens in society have access to social benefits regardless of their social background or origin, and that the benefits are not linked to insurance contributions or other forms of user payment. The model is referred to as the universal welfare model, because everyone has the right to a number of benefits, e.g. state pension and child allowance. The citizens of the Scandinavian countries are thereby financially secured in connection with illness, unemployment and in old age, to which are added supplementary measures, e.g. support for housing costs and expenses for children. In addition, there are a number of highly developed services in the form of day-care centres, health care, home care, etc. In this article we will be analysing and comment the origin, the development and the contemporary universal Scandinavian model. Furthermore we will try to get an answer to the question: will this universal welfare model survive the next three decades, and at all exist in 2060?

Sazonova O.A. Foreign citizens’ public legal characterization of digital rights

The article considers the digital rights of foreign citizens as the main elements of their legal status. The specifics and public-legal features of digital rights are analysed. It is noted that digital rights should be recorded exclusively in digital form, and their carrier should have the technical ability to dispose of them. The conclusion is formulated that digital rights must be considered as universal human rights in the new digital space.


Zaitseva S.A., Malakhova O.N., Russkikh I.T. The value of mental states self-assessment diagnostics of the agrarian university junior students 

The paper touches upon the topic of the psychological and pedagogical approach possibilities in solving the problem of designing a safe educational environment, which is studied through the prism of analyzing the question of the role of self-assessment diagnostics of mental states by junior students. It is noted that such diagnostics contributes to improving the quality of all educational process aspects: education, upbringing, development of young people, as well as the creation of a psychologically comfortable educational environment and the successful socialization of young people. It is concluded that one of the reasons for the high rigidity index is the low level of the student group cohesion. The problem solution lies in the use of game technologies in the educational process that take into account the profile of the university, the direction of training, the academic discipline, as well as the socio-demographic characteristics of students.


Monk Savvaty (Savochkin). Features of “spirit” concept in St. Theophan the Recluse’s anthropology: a theological analysis

The article analyses the ambiguous interpretation of the “spirit” concept in the works by St. Theophan the Recluse from the point of Orthodox anthropology view. Particular attention is paid to the prelate’s views on the origin of the soul; their unusualness and inconsistency in the Orthodox anthropology context is noted. The Schellingian philosophy is pointed out as a source of influence on the anthropological views of St. Theophan.

Melkov A.S. An essay on the history of the Nativity Alexander-Joseph Brotherhood. Part II

The paper studies the history of the Nativity Alexander-Joseph Brotherhood (1863-1918) – the first charitable church society in pre-revolutionary Russia. The main purpose of the brotherhood was to come to the aid of the poor. Thanks to the care of Fr. Alexander Gumilevsky, known as a cleric of the Nativity Church on Peski, and through the efforts of his followers this purpose was successfully implemented in St. Petersburg for more than fifty years. It is surprising that newer one significant work dedicated to the activities of the Nativity Brotherhood has been presented in modern Russian historiography. This study makes an attempt to fill this gap. Because of the large volume of the material, the paper is divided into two parts. In the first part of the essay the author described in detail the history of the foundation and development of the brotherhood in the middle of the 19th century. The second part of the paper is devoted to the history of the brotherhood in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Murodi N. Uighurs and Iranian-Chinese civilization

The studying of Persian-Tajik literature influence on Uighur poetry and prose reveals amazing facts and interesting materials that testify to the Tajik and Dari power, and the significance of literature in this language. The Uighurs were able, through their alphabet, to give a second life not only to the Buddhist, but also to the ancient Christian written heritage. Moreover, together with the Tibetans, they translated Indian and Buddhist works from Sanskrit into their language. Their other merit is the translation of works from Chinese and Tocharian languages. Obviously, that cultures and civilizations developed in parallel. For example, thanks to the Great Silk Road, not only the influence of Sogdians culture along this road was felt, but also a dialogue of cultures took place. In particular, the study of the northern and north-western parts of China reveals their connection with Iranian civilization and Turkic culture. The Silk Road was also under the control of Sogdians ensuring in the 7th and 8th centuries the residence of the Persian-speaking and Turkic-speaking population in the regions of China. This circumstance subsequently caused the appearance of the Persians in China. For hundreds of years the Uyghur people, living in Western China, made a huge contribution to the penetration of Persian culture and literature into ancient China.

Ashrapov B.P. Level of the suffix -гоҳ usage in “Tarjumai Tarikhi Yamini” by Jurfodikoni

The article dwells on the level of suffix -гоҳ usage in “Tarjumai Tarikhi Yamini” by Jurfodikoni. It is underscored that the relevant suffix is considered to be one of the most productive word-building elements and contributes into the formation of new nouns denoting the notions of place and time from various parts of speech. Basing on the historical work belonging to the 13th century depicting the events of the Ghaznavid dynasty epoch, the author makes an endeavor to determine the level of the suffix-гоҳ usage in terms of its structure and meanings.

Nikishov Y.M. Chatsky and Onegin. Part I

Alexander Herzen called brothers the heroes of the new Russian literature Chatsky and Onegin. Usually, there are both similarities and differences between brothers. In modern literary studies this problem has not been considered in detail yet. The author makes significant clarifications in the understanding of the characters, which is facilitated by the understanding of the creative history and the direction of the ideological searches of Griboyedov and Pushkin. Chatsky’s thoughts rise to the level of revelation.

Bogatyrev A.V. Hercule Poirot, foreigners and traveling in the works by Agatha Christie

The author is looking for an answer of the question how there was born an idea in a number of works by Agatha Christie. The article provides examples that were not mentioned earlier, showing the connection of the novelist’s work with episodes from her biography. Literary influences are indicated, it is proved that the appearance and development of Hercule Poirot’s image, complex and contradictory, occurred under the influence of a range of factors. Portraying foreigners, Christie draws attention to their difference from the British and, in the case of exotic peoples, from Europeans in general. The traveling theme takes different forms from the novelist, the geographical element is manifested in the surnames of the heroes. People are compared by Christie to animals and inanimate objects, their names reflect the general ideological concept of the work. The writer’s creativity is quite metaphorical which gives much of Christie’s works an almost philosophical sound.

Krylova M.N. Poems by Ilya Kisychev in the context of contemporary Russian poetry development

The article is the first attempt to consider the content, style, language of the poems by one of the contemporary poets – Ilya Nikolaevich Vorobyov (Ilya Kisychev). It is noted that the work of I. Kisychev unfolds in a broad historical and literary context, continuing the traditions of Great Russian poetry. I. Kisychev’ poems implementation form and their representation to the viewer is inherent in a synthetic character: the author performs his poems in the form of songs with a guitar and also as songs of the multi-instrumental acoustic rock group “Kisychev Band”. The figurative and expressive means as tropes and figures, which form the basis of I. Kisychev’s poems style, are analysed by the author. It is noted, that despite the importance of tropic means for the poet’s aesthetics, the phenomena of syntactic stylistics prevail, forming the author’s original textual space in which various meanings are conveyed to the reader both directly and implicitly.


Khroul V. Myths on religions in Russian media: a functional perspective

Considering the myth in the Platonic tradition as a surrogate replacement of the reasonable cause of some judgment or action, when the true cause is not understandable due to its complexity, the author describes the phenomenology of modern myths and their functioning in Russian media and public sphere. The paper is focused on two types of mythologizing of religion in media, related to the subject of coverage – internal, doctrinal, irrational or external, social, rational. Author suggests that from the normative point of view epistemological function of journalism presumes the rationalization of religious life coverage and “demythologizing” of socially dangerous myths related to the religious sphere.

Beshenich C. Looking for light: an enlightened search?

The article seeks to understand how Friedrich Nietzsche laid a foundation for further intellectual inquiry with his book “The Joyful Wisdom”. The author tries to implicate how Nietzsche’s work endeavoured to put the ability to find knowledge directly in the hands of the searcher. The efforts of the philosopher sought to move the person beyond the need for God and motivate him to find a new “light” to guide his search for knowledge. The article hopes to show the reader how Nietzsche’s efforts built a space for development past the confines of religious and metaphysical thought.