Azis Setyagama. Normative-legal regulation in the settlement of disputes for the election of local head in Indonesia

The current direct election for regional heads in Indonesia raises the issue of disputes among the candidates for this post. The settlement of such disputes from 2004 was initially the authority of the Supreme Court, and in 2008, it was transferred to the Constitutional Court, which in 2016 issued a special Law, which mandates a Special Court for the settlement of regional head election disputes. However, until the Special Court will not be formed, the settlement of such disputes will be the authority of the Constitutional Court. This study is based on a normative approach, namely the Constitutional Court Decree No 97/PUU-XI/2013 and Law No 10 of 2016. In addition, a sociological study regarding the existence of a special judicial body that will be formed to resolve regional head election disputes in Indonesia.