No 4, 2018

Publishing Date: 2019-01-25


Kuleshova E.V. A study of the work of Claude de Seyssel as a translator of classical texts and his contribution to the development of French humanism

The article addresses an important but less studied aspect of the activities of Claude de Seyssel (1450-1520), a humanist, his work as a translator of classical texts. His work as a Greek texts’ translator was definitely prominent and he deserves full credit for the translation of classical texts into French, such as those by Thucydides. The article also studies the process of adaptation of Italian humanism to French reality, it is important to mention that in French humanism there were more appealing to Greek themes rather than to Roman ones, especially in a period of Italian wars. This was connected to political reasons and to attempts of the French crown to dominate in Italy, and so to rely on the Greek historical heritage rather than on the Roman one that had been appropriated by Italian city-states in the developmental process of Italian humanistic historiography.

Pulkin M.V. Russian-Swedish confrontation in Karelia (18th – early 20th centuries)

The article discusses the main events and the course of the Russian-Swedish confrontation in the secondary but significant theater of military operations closely adjacent to the northern borders of the Russian Empire. Specific features of a variety of military activities as well as the position of the local population on the issue of participation in the fight against external enemies are identified. The main attention is focused on the three conflicts between Russia and Sweden during the 18th century. As the result of the confrontation there were the victories of the Russian arms and the interconnection of Finland to the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 19th century.

Christensen C.S. The mutual significance of literature for Denmark and Russia throughout the ages. A description and analysis of the social impact and artistic and literary inspiration between Russia and Denmark

Through a description of the social impact and artistic and literary inspiration between Russia and Denmark, this article examines the mutual significance of literature for Denmark and Russia throughout the ages. In the article, particular attention will be given to the period 1750-1945. Firstly, during this period, the literature in both countries was designed to the form of literature we know today. Secondly, in these around 200 years began Denmark and Russia to establish literary relations with mutual visits of writers, and thirdly, as well Danes immigrated to Russia as Russians immigrated to Denmark, in the mentioned period. Furthermore, it will be analysed how the literary inspiration has influenced the two countries’ artist circles. Here will be distinguished between direct and indirect influence, the former characterized by either the Danish or Russian author’s acknowledgement of such an influence and corroborative evidence in his writings and the latter influence going via an author directly influenced by either a Danish or a Russian author, respectively. 

Tomilov I.S. Franc Brin, Russian administrator of German origin: the contribution to the development of the Tobolsk province

The purpose of the study is to assess the contribution of Franz Abramovich Brin to the development of the Tobolsk province as the head of the region in the early 19th century. The objectives of the work were as follows: to identify biographical information, to consider the activities of Franz Abramovich as a governor, to analyze the difficulties of the administration of the peripheral region in the early 19th century. The sources used were the memoirs of contemporaries, records management materials, publications of periodicals, archival information (research archive of the St. Petersburg Institute of history of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Tomsk regional state archive).

Prilutskiy V.V. American Mormon fundamentalists and the tradition of “historical” polygamy in the 19th and early 20th centuries

The article discusses the features of the tradition of polygamy developed in the American Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints in the 19th and early 20th centuries and continued by modern United States Mormon fundamentalist sects. Mormonism is a form of Americanized Christianity. Mormons played a significant role in the national history of the United States participating in colonization and settlement of the Far West. The Federal government in the last century and a half (since 1862) considered polygamy as a criminal act and refused to carry out the decriminalisation of this practice.

Norkina E.S. Zionism in Jewish communities of North Caucasus at the beginning of the 20th century: ideas and practice

The article describes practical realisation of Zionism ideology in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century by the example of Jewish (Ashkenazic) communities of North Caucasus. The success of Zionists’ work in provincial Jewish communities of the Russian Empire depended on many factors. The official rhetoric of Zionism worked out at the congresses was refracted, faced some local situations, and acquired new meanings that responded to the problems of the community in the country. In this view, the study of Zionism in a separate space is useful in various spheres of domestic life in the country of the empire. The main sources that shed light on the emergence and incarnation of the Zionist movement in North Caucasus and reflected internal communal life are letters from Zionists addressed to M. Usyshkin, a member of the executive committee of the World Zionist Organization responsible for Zionist activity in southern Russia.

Aksenova E.K., Ivanov A.M., Ilyina M.S. The organisation and functioning of the regional Council of women during the Perestroika period (1985-1991) in Smolensk region

The reformation period (Perestroika) was characterized by uprising of mass mobilisation and social movements. It was a period of new political, cultural, social and socio-psychological possibilities for the appearance of social movements in regions. The article describes creation of the women's movement in the Soviet Union during the Perestroika period and the activities of the Women’s Unions in Smolensk Oblast. Council of women was a social organization established to protect interests and dignity of women's position in society, enhance their role in socio-political, economic and cultural life.


Burikov A.V., Vasin V.N., Ershov S.A. Experienced model of the organization of physical training for the instructor officers in higher military educational institution

The authors of the article deal with the issues of improving the organization of the physical training for officers in higher military educational institution and the lack of modern developments in planning and training the instructors as well as monitoring and methodological support of the training process. The article presents the results of the evaluation of the experimental program in the organization and teaching of physical training for the officers of higher military educational institution. The improvement of the organizational design of the pedagogical process should be carried out in the direction of careful processing of methods of modeling and designing the process of physical training taking into account the needs and interests of those involved.

Markaryan A.O., Haraberjush I.F. Intellectual systems in education: history and prospects

The article considers intellect as a key concept that defines the essence of intelligent systems in general and information intelligent education systems in particular. The authors identified the main signs of intelligence that define information systems as intellectual. The article also considers the history of development of the theory of artificial intelligence and determines the main directions of scientific research and development of intellectual information systems in the field of education.


Azis S. Presidential threshold policy in Indonesian presidential election of 2019

In 2019 Indonesia would conduct simultaneous elections to elect legislative and executive members; members of House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, President and Vice President. Law No 7/2017 on General Election sets the implementation of simultaneous general elections. It regulated Presidential Threshold in which a party or coalition of parties wishing to nominate their cadres to be a president and vice president should meet the requirement of at least 20% seats in the house of representatives or 25% of national valid votes in the previous General Election of the House of representatives. This Presidential Threshold requirement raised the pros and cons for the leaders of political parties in Indonesia. Large parties with many votes in the House of Representatives, would agree on the provisions of this rule, while small party leaders, who did not have a vote in the House of Representatives, would reject the provisions of this rule because it was considered very detrimental to small parties and castrate the people's right to elect their future leaders. This study used normative approach and sociological studies of the negative impact on the enactment of these provisions in the Indonesian presidential election of 2019.

Yahman. The legal policy of investigation and verification on corruption

This study is focused on legal policy of investigation and verification on Indonesian corruption acts. This normative legal research used legislation approach based on the primary law material in the form of positive law and secondary law material including books or other related literatures. This study revealed 2 results in accordance with formulated issues. First, Article 26 of Law No 31/1999 on the Corruption Act revealed the existence of a procedural law containing double meaning. Here, the criminal procedure law that was specified on corruption acts deviated from general criminal procedure law. The deviations were intended to accelerate procedure and simplify investigation up to prosecution and provision in court regarding the defendant's human rights. Secondly, Article 37 of the Corruption Act specified various matters of proof, including the use of reversed verification systems. The verification was an extension of the provisions of Law No 8/1981 on Criminal Procedure Law which stipulated that the prosecutor had the authority to prosecute a person charged with a criminal offense with the burden of proof. 


Mehandzhiyska G.A. Psychosocial occupational therapy within the sphere of the interventions, applied in clinical social work

The possibilities for occupational therapy to be applied for psychosocial purposes with various categories of clients in clinical social work are commented upon and backed with arguments in the article. The possible psychosocial effects are being discussed, as well as their achievement through inclusion in the occupational therapy programmes of activities that are physical, psychic and social in nature. The analysis also concerns the meaning of the experiences and of group work for the achievement of psychosocial effects. The stand is defended on the necessary cooperation between clinical social workers and occupational therapists regarding the complex assessment of the needs and planning of the interventions in the field of the social services of the clinical type.

Bzezyan A.A., Gura O.R., Labunskaya V.A. Social distance in interaction with the representatives of ethno-cultural groups according to their appearance

The article considers social distance as a subject factor in relation with ‘etnolukizm’ (discrimination of representatives of ethno-cultural groups according to their appearance). The empirical part of the research we applied a modified option of the Bogardus’ scale to measure the acceptability of representatives of ethno-cultural groups and interaction with their representatives. The results confirmed the assumption of the fact that appearance and gender as visual markers of ethno-cultural groups cause the choice of social distance. They point out the differentiated relation to ‘etnolukizm’ directed to representatives of ethno-cultural groups with various appearances.


Archimandrite Feognost (Pushkov). The issue of legal boundaries of the Moscow Patriarch according to the acts of the Council of Constantinople in 1593, the missive of the Patriarch Dionysius IV in 1686 and the 17th canon of the Forth Ecumenical Council

The article covers the topical question for the modern Orthodox society that is the issue of the legal boundaries of the Moscow Patriarchy. The question became especially acute being motivated by Ukraine temporality in achieving autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. There is a tense dispute between Constantinople and Moscow – did Moscow get a right of jurisdiction over the Kyivan Metropolitanate that had initially been under the jurisdiction of Constantinople? The apologist for Moscow jurisdiction was priest Mikhail Zheltov, the Candidate of Theology. Nevertheless his fundamental and seemingly profound essay “Historical canonical bases for the unity of the Russian Church” was fairly disgraced by both secular scholars and specialists in ecclesiastic law, especially by canonist of Constantinople Patriarchy. However, pointing out weak points in Zheltov’s essay the critics also criticized the negation of canonicity of Moscow Patriarchy jurisdiction over the Kyivan Metropolitanate. Moreover, this article will prove demonstratively that disputable findings of father Mikhail do not mean that canonist of Constantinople have perfect arguments. The settlement of the question in scientific-canonical form has significant importance in overcoming the crisis between Constantinople and Moscow as well as in Ukrainian Orthodoxy divided into warring fractions like Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchy, and Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.


Zakharova J.G., Melnichenko E.V. Etymological nest with root *mxr- in the Russian language

The article defines the concepts of etymological nest and semantic evolution in the history of the Russian language. The authors consider the correlation of the terms ‘word-formation’, ‘lexical’, ‘root’ and ‘etymological nest’. They also give a complex description of some lexemes going back to the etymological nest with the root *mхr-. The method of semantic field is applied in the analysis of semantic structure of the word ‘death’ in diachronic aspect. The article presents a typology of semantic shifts in the lexemes of the nest (hyper-hyponymic, deviation, metaphorical).

Krylova I.A. The issue of religious terms illustrated in explanatory dictionaries

The article describes the issue of religious terms illustrated in academic explanatory dictionaries of the 20th and 21st centuries. The author gives examples of the improper use of terms in the dictionary entry’s illustrations (exemplified in the words ‘batyushka’ and ‘matushka’). The article shows the way of solving this problem supporting it with the articles from “The Russian Dictionary of the 21st century”. The illustrations in these explanatory articles demonstrate the use of terms in the discourse and extend the explanation with the description of the subject being explained.

Tikhonova А.V., Chibisova O.V. Semantic variation of good wishing in Russian and Chinese

The actuality of work is determined by the place that good wishing occupies in life of any linguistic community and its influence on the effectiveness in people interaction. The article defines the culturally universal features of the construction of texts of good wishes in the Russian and Chinese languages as well as their specific national characteristics. The conclusion is made about the diversity of the forms of linguistic embodiment of good wishes in the speech of representatives of both cultures: the use of both simple and complex sentences, the resort to figurative and expressive means and set expressions.

Bogdanova P.S., Mekhtiev V.G. Literature in teaching Russian to foreign students

The article raises the issue that has appeared in the process of teaching the Russian language to foreign students. The authors advance a theory of the exhaustion of the auxiliary function of literature in the educational process. The use of fiction only as illustrations does not help to learn the language deeper. Moreover this utilitarian approach to Russian literature does not break barriers in intercultural communication.

Nikishov Y.M. Kutuzov and Ryleev, what these names mean in the version of the stanza in “Eugene Onegin”

The fate of Onegin includes different stages of spiritual development of the hero – a secular dandy, a man with an early old soul, and a man around the Decembrist circle. The Decembrist theme is included in the novel printed text as a link of the author’s biography and is backed by a series of direct and indirect details. From the very beginning the novel is developed as a work with opened time, i.e. the artistic time interacts with the historical time. This trend became stronger. The novel about modernity turned into a historical novel about modernity.

Gulusoy İ.E. Lexical and semantic features of anthroponyms in the poem “Greetings to Heydar Baba” by Mohammad Hossein Shahriar

Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, who wrote his poems under the name “Shahriar”, is one of those poets popular both in Persian and Turkish poetry. His poetry having great moral power is a national and cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people. Shahriar’s creativity characterized by its versatility and brilliance is a whole poetic world that defined the development of literature on a new stage. In his works Shahriar tried to solve not only universal problems but the poet also acted as a herald of progressive ideas of his time. The skill of the poet developed on the basis of Turkish and Persian-speaking traditions. Shahriar’s poem “Greetings to Heydar Baba” (Heydar Babaya Salam) written in Azerbaijan language is considered to be the top of his creative activity. The poem is not only a masterpiece of Azerbaijani literature but at the same time it is one of the rare lyrical poems in the world’s poetry.

Tkachuk O.P. The formation of multiculturalism concept in literature

The article clarifies the evolution of multiculturalism as a concept in artistic consciousness and fiction. The author pays attention on the fact that in recent decades the multiculturalist context has become widely spread taking into account cultural, philosophical, aesthetic, philosophical, anthropological, literary and other aspects. The generalization of research experience in this direction allows considering the development of multiculturalism concept from the encyclopaedic definition of the term to the philosophical and aesthetic meaning of this phenomenon.


Gerashchenko I.G. Philosophy of rational needs

The article considers philosophy of rational (sensible) needs in historical, methodological and educational aspects. It analyses the problem of needs from the philosophic and economic point of view. The author has a shot at systematic approach to human rational needs. For this purpose, the philosophical concept of measure is used. The article shows the effectiveness of the use of various philosophic and economic approaches to the problem of needs.

Golovashina O.V. How pain becomes common? Cultural trauma as a process

The article reviews the process and peculiarities of the transition of personal trauma into cultural one. The diaries of inhabitants of the besieged Leningrad became the source for the research. The ideas by Ron Eyerman and other representatives of the sociological approach to the study of cultural trauma were used as a theoretical framework. The analysis showed that the main factors of personal trauma transition to cultural one were the time distance, the appropriate representation in mass media, the presence of emotional involvement in the traumatic event and the community's needs in solidarity.

Anikin D.A. Traumatisation of the past: methodology of research and main approaches

The article considers the main directions of the analysis of collective trauma, psychological and sociological. On the basis of studying modern domestic literature on the issue of collective trauma the author comes to a conclusion about the search of methodological synthesis. The search of the methodology focused on studying events of the remote past and mechanisms of their traumatization in modern historical memory becomes a single question. There is an accent shift from the event to the representation in media space, and the trauma becomes the instrument of political and economic influence.

Golubinskaya A.V. An opinion as a structure element of the epistemic climate of knowledge society

The research offers to turn attention to the idea of the opinion society not as a systematic social-philosophical theory but as a concept to reveal the correlation of information and knowledge in the contemporary conditions; or to highlight the difference between how the course of events was imagined to be in theories, and how things really are. The article aims to describe the opinion as an essential part of current knowledge climate which affects most spheres of society. The author explains the revealed properties of opinion and knowledge relation as the consequences of establishment of the cultural and normative paradigm of transparency.