Hommyyev T.B. History of dams on the banks of the Murgap River in Turkmenistan

The water of the Murgap River, which flows in the territory of the Mary Velayat in Turkmenistan, has been used in a wider and more complete way for many centuries than others. Dams and reservoirs have been built along this river. The abundant water of the river fully provided the people living in its valley, agriculture and animal husbandry, and contributed to the development of human civilization in its history. A dam is a hydro technical facility built to intercept the flow of river water, raise its level and use it properly. Over the course of history, dozens of dams were built along the Murgab River. The purpose of all of them was to carry out irrigation works and establish water supply for the people. Originally, dams were built from plant materials – various long-stemmed dry grasses, wood, soil, stone, stone and earthenware, but today they are built from a combination of concrete and reinforced concrete. Studying the history and construction practices of those dams is interesting and important today.

Голубева Е.В. Профили рефлексивности молодых людей с разным опытом отношений в родительской семье

В статье рассматривается проблема рефлексивности как интеллектуально-личностного ресурса у лиц с разным опытом отношений в родительской семье. Построены профили рефлексивности у лиц с благоприятным и неблагоприятным опытом отношений. Показано, что у лиц с неблагоприятным опытом отношений повышен показатель рефлексии настоящего, что можно рассматривать и как последствие сложившейся семейной ситуации, и как ресурс для преодоления негативных переживаний, связанных с прошлым опытом.