окружающая среда

Beshenich C. An analysis of the modern Catholic Church approach to the environmental problems

The paper explores two perspectives of humanity’s role on Earth. The author introduces the concept of biocentrism and determines why mankind’s uniqueness charges it with the responsibility of protecting the environment, not only existing in it. The human being possesses the ability to establish moral norms, and thus should regard the environment as having the highest value, in spite of modern society’s ever-increasing needs.

Scarlat P. Ecological education through liturgical experience. Aspects of Orthodox tradition

The problem of ecology is becoming increasingly serious in our time because it takes into direct account life’s resources and applies to individual, as well as global, survival. Although specialists put mammoth efforts into creating a sustainable world through technological and mathematical methods, the fundamental problem reaches no resolution and there continues to emerge risk of relapsing into an ecological crisis. The answer needs sought in correcting the illusion of the myth with economic or material ends and adding an open mind to the ambience that awakens profound sentiments of reciprocity and respect. Liturgical experience awakens the human conscience through participation not only of the mind, but also through the whole being, with its emotions and specific language. Synchronisation with natural cycles presents natural elements such as water, vegetation such as flowers, branches, iconic images depicting a natural medium are concurrently ritual conditions and methods of educating for a life that is at one with nature.

Макаров С.В., Макарова А.С., Кузнецов В.А., Кудрявцева Е.И. История применения селитры с древнейших времен до наших дней

Ухудшение экологической обстановки вызывает обеспокоенность общества и указывает на необходимость поиска инновационных подходов к предотвращению негативного воздействия на окружающую среду. Одним из способов выхода из сложившейся ситуации является практическое внедрение принципов зеленой химии. Ключевые принципы указанной концепции рассмотрены на примере производства и последующего применения аммиачной селитры – взрывчатого вещества, используемого с древности и до наших дней.