восстановительное правосудие

Karim. Restorative justice approach in handling minor offense

Restorative justice appears due to the lack of criminal justice system which not running as expected justice value. The criminal justice system is often caused a disappointment and dissatisfaction either for the victim, the perpetrator or both victim and perpetrator. Hence, this study aims to know how the restorative justice approach handling the minor offense case to reach justice. The methodology used in this study is juridical normative with statue and conceptual approach. Required data taken from regulations in Indonesia. The result of the research showed that restorative justice approach has aim to answer the disappointment on the present criminal justice system. Restorative justice approach is done by expressing regrets and apologies to the victim and his family, as a counterpart, the victim and his family forgive the perpetrator. This is done due to reach justice for both parties. Therefore, restorative justice is an alternative justice concept in handling minor offense.