уголовное право

Azis Setyagama, Totok Sugiarto. The role of Visum et Repertum in murder investigation of Indonesia’s criminal procedure system

Criminal acts are very detrimental to society and often the perpetrators of these offenses cannot be revealed, so that lawbreakers avoid punishment. There are many factors that must be met in uncovering a crime, but there will still be murders that are not caught red-handed. To solve crimes in these instances it is used Visum et Repertum procedure, that is carried out by forensic doctors. This procedure is very decisive as the only written statement made by a forensic doctor which contains evidence of the felon’s guilt. Present paper is a normative legal research studying the provisions of laws and regulations in the Indonesian criminal law. The authors specifically analyse in depth Article 184 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which is about evidence as an effort to uncover a crime.