туристическая отрасль

Kopachynska G.V., Kotsan N.N., Mazurets R.R., Voznyuk E.V. Sentimental tourism as one of the newest ways of enhancement and development of Ukrainian-Polish relations

The article deals with different theoretical approaches to the categorization of the «sentimental tourism». It characterizes the main features of the sentimental tourism organization in the Volyn region as well as its influence on the enhancement of foreign relations between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland. The paper defines the historical places of polish nationality representatives settled in Volyn before the resettlement period after WWII along territory of modern Poland and the burial places of foreign citizens in the area. These places are identified as basic resources for the development of sentimental tourism in the region and as promising areas for investment and international cooperation of both countries. The authors describe the current legal framework of cooperation between Ukraine and Poland on this issue.