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Golubinskaya A.V. An opinion as a structure element of the epistemic climate of knowledge society

The research offers to turn attention to the idea of the opinion society not as a systematic social-philosophical theory but as a concept to reveal the correlation of information and knowledge in the contemporary conditions; or to highlight the difference between how the course of events was imagined to be in theories, and how things really are. The article aims to describe the opinion as an essential part of current knowledge climate which affects most spheres of society. The author explains the revealed properties of opinion and knowledge relation as the consequences of establishment of the cultural and normative paradigm of transparency.

Fotea A.C. A historical perspective on the regional dimension of higher education institutions

This article focuses on the historical evolution of relations between higher education institutions and their surrounding environment. In order to fully understand this complex connection we will start with illustrating the genesis of higher education institutions, the birth of the modern university and the expansion of higher education in relation to the regional development process. We will then point out the role higher education played in the technological development, especially in the postwar period and will show the transformations that higher education institutions need to perform in order to become the key institutions in the new knowledge society.